AyrAs Bitmessage Services

This website gives a brief introduction to services provided by AyrA.


Windows application
Adds DNS support for Bitmessage addresses. Compatible with namecoin and can be used at the same time.

How to set it up?

I can use namecoin too?

Yes. If you also enter your namecoin API username and password in bitmessage, the BitDNS server will forward all namecoin requests to your namecoind instance and answer all DNS requests too. Namecoind must be running on port 8336 for this to work (this is the default setting).

What if I do not want namecoin?

Just don't install namecoin then. The client will still try to forward requests to your namecoin instance, but if none is available, it will correctly format an error response for bitmessage. The tool will never ever look up DNS names, if your query does not starts with "DNS/".

How to use it?

To get it running after the initial setup, just launch it. It places a context menu icon in the tray. The address book can be opened with a double click If you have set it up correctly in bitmessage, you can see a "Fetch Namecoin ID" button on bitmessage. To fetch a namecoin ID, just enter the name (or id/name) in the field and click the button. To fetch a DNS record, enter "DNS/name", for example "DNS/list.ayra.ch"

Address book

The client has an address book feature. You can add entries with an address and a label. You can use the same label multiple times for different addresses to create address groups. If you send update messages to multiple addresses, store all addresses with the same label (for example "update") and then in the client enter ad/update as destination. The address book saves changes instantly.

How do I check a DNS name?

You can use this page to look up bitmessage records and test them if you wish.

How do I get a DNS name?

You can buy a DNS name for cheap (some providers even accept bitcoin) everywhere in the internet. It costs you usually 5$ to 10$ a year. If you know somebody who owns a domain, he probably even sets up the record for free for you because it does not causes any troubles with existing services.


Screenshot of address book: